Horse Ownership

There is no better thrill than watching a horse you own taking to the race track. We have compiled a selection of some of the top race horse syndicates.

Did you know that if own a share in a horse most bookmakers will give you increased odds when you back your own horse!? All you need to do is register the horse and ownership details with the bookmaker once you have signed up.


Spicer Thoroughbreds

Spicer Thoroughbreds is a boutique syndicator of the highest quality racehorses at the most affordable prices.


Spicer Thoroughbreds have already experienced success at the highest level with their very own syndicated star race horses Starspangledbanner, Commanding Jewel, Zabeelionaire and most recently Awesome Rock.


Blueblood Thoroughbreds

Blue blood Thoroughbreds are one of Australia's leading licensed racehorse syndication companies. They have been involved in a number of prime thoroughbred syndicates throughout Australia.


Blue blood Thoroughbreds prides themselves in providing the highest quality yearling's and 2YO’s, focusing on pedigree and conformation.


Darby Racing

Darby Racing are one of the rising stars of thoroughbred syndicates. They have already tasted multiple group 1 success having syndicated the star mare Yankee Rose.


Elite Thoroughbreds

Elite Thoroughbreds is a Sydney based racehorse syndication company who prides itself in quality yearling selection and customer service. The 'Elite' business model enables them to confidently select quality yearling's at all the major sales in Australia.


Champion Thoroughbreds

Champion Thoroughbreds is a company that purchases, then syndicates young race horses, so that people who primarily would like to experience ownership of a race horse, can do so, with only a minority shareholding, knowing that their investment will be managed by professional, experienced, who will ensure their purchase is given every opportunity to succeed and live up to it's best racing potential.


Australian Thoroughbreds

Each year, Darren Dance from Australian Thoroughbred Racehorses secures yearling's from the major sales or privately from horse studs in Australia, New Zealand, and now Internationally, to syndicate into shares and race with their selected race horse trainers.



G1Xchange is an independent industry-compliant bloodstock sales platform designed specifically to make the ownership and trade of thoroughbred horse shares simple and efficient.


By bringing liquidity and transparency to the bloodstock market, G1Xchange aims to give


buyers and sellers confidence that their transactions comply with regulatory requirements.


G1Xchange can help buyers and sellers transact and find better trades, with a supporting media and data analysis platform providing news, insights, and up-to-date trade reporting.



Belhus Racing

Are you looking to buy a share in a racehorse? Are you in a horse racing syndicate yet? If not, then maybe you should be, because being part of a well organised, professional racing syndicate or partnership with Belhus Racing is the easiest way for people to enjoy all the thrills and excitement that owning a racehorse can bring.


Triple Crown

Triple Crown Bloodstock are renowned, Sydney-based horse syndicators and bloodstock agents with a wealth of experience in horse racing selection and then developing successful horse racing syndicates and racehorse share portfolios throughout Australia and overseas.


Buying a horse

When buying a horse the first question you need to ask yourself is:  what do I want from a horse?

Am I after a Group 1 star or am I happy to have a horse performing during mid-week provincial meetings?

Am I after a sprinter or a stayer?


It is important to ensure that the horse you’re looking at will best suit your needs.


The next question you need to ask yourself is; how much am I willing to spend? Once a budget has been decided upon it’s time to think about what type of horse do you want to buy? There are a large number of breeds to choose from, regardless of the breeding or cost conformation (the physical make up of the horse) is the most important. The above syndicators will help you with advice but would be prudent to conduct your own research too.