Bet Types

There are numerous ways to bet across racing, sports and current events. Below are the most common bets available in thoroughbred, harness and greyhound racing.



Win betting is the most popular bet type. To do this you just need to select a horse that you think will finish 1st in the race.


Place betting is another popular bet type and it's easy to win. You just need to select a horse to finish in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place and there must be more than 8 horse in a race to have a 3rd place dividend.

Each Way

Each way betting simply means that you are putting the same amount on the win and the place. If the horse you selected wins then you would receive the win and place dividend but if it finishes in 2nd or 3rd then you would only receive the place dividend.


Quinella betting is the easiest way to win more money for a small outlay. All you need to do is select the 1st and 2nd horses to finish in any order.


Exacta betting is the same as quinella betting only you need to select the first two horses in the exact order. You normally win about twice as much as you would for a quinella bet.


Duet betting is similar to a quinella except that you only need to select two horses from the first three to finish. It's easier to win than a quinella bet although you don't win as much. There needs to be more than 8 horses in a race for duet betting.


Trifecta betting is one of the most popular exotic bet types as you can potentially win a lot of money with a small outlay. To place a trifecta bet you need to select the first three horses in exact order or you can box them up and they can then finish in any order. A box trifecta will cost you $6 for 100% of the dividend as there are six possible combinations if you select three horses to finish in any order.

First 4

First 4 betting is the best way to win the maximum amount of money for the smallest possible outlay. It is smiler to trifecta betting in that you can select the first four horses in exact order or box them up to finish in any order. A box first four costs $24 for 100% of the dividend as there are 24 possible combinations if you select four horses to finish in any order.

Daily Double

This is an exotic bet type where you need to pick the winners of two races (nominated by the TAB) at the same meeting.

Daily Treble

This is an exotic bet type that is similar to a Daily Double only that you need to pick the winners of three races (nominated by the TAB) at the same meeting.

Running Double

If you think you can pick the winner of two consecutive races then this bet type is for you. If you place this bet by selecting the winning horse for two consecutive races it will increase the amount you win compared to if you had of just put down a standard win bet on each race.


Quddies are another very popular bet type and you'll often here them mentioning the Quaddie on or Sky Racing. To win the Quaddie you need to select the winning horse in four races (nominated by the TAB) at the same meeting.


Winning a BIG6 bet can be like winning lotto if you can get it. Similar to a quaddie you need to select the winner of six races nominated by the TAB. The races can be at the same meeting or a combination of more than one meeting. The BIG six also has a supplementary dividend which rewards those punters lucky enough to select five out of the six possible wining horses.


Types of Horses

If you are looking at getting into horse ownership it is worth having an understanding of what type of horse you want to race, this is obviously linked to breeding which is manifested into the horses body type. Just like a human athlete, a horse’s fitness, build, level of maturity and “state of mind” are all important factors in how they perform on race day.


Below is a guide to types of horses:

Sprinters (target distance: 1000m - 1400m)

Sprinters of the equine variety are, in some ways, similar to their human equivalents. Where a human sprinter’s body is developed for power and speed, you’ll notice that the build of sprinting horse also has more muscle mass, greater definition in the chest and hindquarter (rear-end) to generate that immense burst of power. A perfect example is Black Caviar.

Middle Distance (target distance: 1400m - 2040m)

With a blend of physical attributes of both sprinters and stayers, middle distance runners can mix it in the higher end of sprint distances and shorter range of staying races. A perfect example is Winx.

Stayers (target distance: 2040m and above)

Stayers are often leaner, lankier and longer in their frame than sprinters. This isn't dissimilar, again, to human longer distance runners. A perfect example is Hartnell.

Other Characteristics

- We all enjoy being told that we’re looking good and for a horse often that is when their coat is ‘shining’. It relates directly to whether the horse is looking healthy and feeling good, so keep an eye out for a glossy coat.

- Dapples or marked dots on a horses coat (most notably on bay, brown and grey horses) are a sign that the animal is in full spring bloom and ready to peak.

- Other indicators that a horse is happy and ‘ready to go’ is in the general body language. Walking along with the head high, alert eyes and ears pricked is a big indicator that they are set for action.

- Just like us, when a horse is nervous or agitated it sweats. If a horse is sweaty (which will look like white foam) under the saddle cloth, between its hindquarters or on the neck, it is usually a deterrent for punters to back (although on the odd occasion sweating may be a normal part of the said horses trait)